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Private Individual Sound Ceremony


Akasha's Den
Unit 1 - 312 Lakeshore Road East L6J 2J3 Oakville Canada
With Mark Daniel
Mark Daniel appreciates that life becomes far greater and magnificent the more it is observed, that we humans, are naturally curious and it is through our subtle observations that we can receive our greatest insights. He is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Sound Shaman, Reiki Master, Studier of the Kabballah, and Shamanism

Private Healing Sessions available with Mark by appointment only – call or email to make your appointment

90 Minutes (60 minutes Private Sound Ceremony plus 30 minutes Intuitive Sharing)

$150 Per Session (Plus HST)

2016 Schedule...

November 23
December 14

October 20
November 24
December 15

October 21
November 25
December 16

Our understanding of Sound, like of Sound itself is permeating everything. Medicine is finding new and exciting ways to explore sound; the MRI for example relies on sensing particular radio frequencies within the body. The world is very exciting. It seems like sound is everywhere!

So since everything is in a state of vibration and sound is a natural product of that vibration the song of the Singing Bowls invite the body to return to a state of calm relaxation. Discovered 1000’s of years ago to deepen meditation these joyful instruments create delicate and rich tones through vibration that offer us the opportunity to restore our most earthly sacred vessel - our body.

In your Personal Sound Ceremony Mark and his Singing Bowls will guide you into deep meditation (even if you have never meditated before or have problems meditating), where you will experience the wonderful effect of restoring and uplifting your mind, body and spirit. You may be aware or drift off comfortable restricted energy within may gently release.

The bowls played in an intuitive manner allow your body to relax and offer your mind an opportunity to quiet. As the mind quiets you are free to experience dreamlike states that can fill and ease you into the Divine within. As you lay upon the healing table the bowls, chimes and gongs will be all around you in the room. As your Sound Ceremony unfolds they are (with your permission), intuitively placed around and even on you…focusing not only on the seven main Chakras but also on the many other less commonly known Chakras…encouraging joyful release where needed. As you rest from your daily burdens your body guides the ceremony. Instinctively, the bowls are called to where they can be of the most benefit.

The effect is wonderful and has been described as a “Day at the Spa in one hour”…joyful sound creating a restorative state of mind, body and spirit.

Each Ceremony is different and it is common to receive insights in areas of your life that need your awareness and in so doing gaining more clarity.

Mark first learned to work with Singing Bowls while living in India in the early 80s and has since added techniques gained from Shamanic journeying, studying Kabballah and as a Reiki Master Practitioner. He allows Pure Presence (connecting to the Divine within) to flow and support all aspects of every private Sound Ceremony.

For more information about Mark please visit his website www.seraphimsupportedsound.com