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Insight with Astrology


Akasha's Den
Unit 1 - 312 Lakeshore Road East L6J 2J3 Oakville Canada
With Mark Daniel
Mark Daniel appreciates that life becomes far greater and magnificent the more it is observed, that we humans, are naturally curious and it is through our subtle observations that we can receive our greatest insights. He is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Sound Shaman, Reiki Master, Studier of the Kabballah, and Shamanism

7pm – 9:30pm

$50 (plus HST)

When registering please provide
Date, Time and Place of your Birth
(If you don’t know the time, Date and Place of Birth are enough for Mark to prepare your chart before the class)

2016 Schedule…

November 24: Mercury in retrograde
December 15: Question and answers in your chart?

Who are you?
What is your path?
Astrology holds the key to those questions.
It is a chart and compass to everything that is important andhow we relate to and see the world.
It is about our path, and the path of events, companies and countries.

Since Astrology is a feeling science to assist in known and unknown factors, cycles and head scratching questions. It can share insight on events that have happened as we move forward. It can share how we may feel about parts of us, yet leaves how to react up to us.

There are literally 10’s of 1000s of books written on astrology so, it is Mark’s heart felt intention to open the doors of possibility with you, to share some insights into a map that was written by you for you. Our journey together is about exploring yourself through the guideposts in your chart. To guide you by helping you understand what the map and what the symbols mean for you.

As is the case with all teachings, the more you attend, the more you will receive however each class is designed to support our busy schedules and those wishing to attend intermittently or even just for one class will also be supported. Each segment is offered in a simple and relaxed format that allows anyone to attend at anytime.

As conscious beings we have always looked to the sky for answers, let’s find some together!

A Personal Chart is included with each class. When you register for your first class Mark requests your birthday information (Date, Place and while not always required… Time). If you are participating in more than one class please remember to bring your chart with you for each class you attend.

For 2016, we are revisiting the beginnings, to assist those who are just starting to explore Astrology and deepen the understanding of those who have already attended many classes.

Thursday November 24: Mercury in retrograde
What is Mercury in retrograde? Or any planet in Retrograde?
This is about Mercury in retrograde and how it is supporting you or offering challenges according to your chart.

Thursday December 15: Question and answers in your chart?
Tonight we talk about our chart. We look into your specific question by seeing what your chart is revealing for you. This is a great class for those just starting and those who’ve attended many classes.

For more information about Mark please visit his website www.seraphimsupportedsound.com

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