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Circle for Little Awakened Hearts


Akasha's Den
Unit 1 - 312 Lakeshore Road East L6J 2J3 Oakville Canada
with Ellenie Dimas

Upcoming 2016 Dates:
October 4, 2016 Honor Your Ancestors
November 1, 2016 Meditation Games
December 6, 2016 Sound Healing

$15 plus HST

Pre-Registration is required. Please contact Akasha's Den at 905 844 5055/ info@akashasden.com (www.akashasden.com)

Circle for Little Awakened Hearts is a great opportunity for children to learn how to connect with their spirituality in a fun joyful way. Ellenie’s mission is to help guide children to their higher selves, teaching them the importance of connection with all living beings. Through aboriginal drum songs, yoga/movement and meditation they will learn how to connect with their intuition, imagination and most importantly they will learn to trust themselves.
It is important that we acknowledge the fact that children are the future. Therefore it is fundamental that we teach our children the importance of connection and community within themselves and others. When this is accomplished they may freely glide through life living from their heart centre with confidence and trust in fulfilling their life’s purpose.
All this while having plenty of FUN!!!!
Every Class ends with a Group Meditation

Tuesday October 4: Honor Your Ancestors
Time to bring back the true meaning of Halloween, and why the month of October is so sacred to many cultures around the world. In this class Ellenie will be explaining the history of Halloween (Samhain) in a fun way that kids will understand and appreciate. Everyone will be given an opportunity to create their very own sacred box that they may decorate for their ancestors. This box can be used every year as a way of honoring those on the other side or as a wish or gratitude box for the coming year.
NOTE: Kids are welcome and encouraged to bring any personal items or pictures
they wish to use for their sacred box.

Tuesday November 1: Meditation Games
Meditation is extremely important and beneficial for all of mankind. Imagine what an amazing world we would live in if everyone took the time to meditate. Meditation connects you to your higher self, the universal mind and it brings balance and peace. Ellenie feels it’s important children learn this mastery, as it will benefit them throughout their entire lives. In this class Ellenie will share multiple ways to meditate giving all the kids the opportunity to discover which form of meditation works best for them.

Tuesday December 6: Sound Healing
Sit back and relax kids! Sound Healing has been used for thousands of years in cultures from all over the world. What a wonderful gift we have all been given. Kids relate to music extremely well and this will be a great way for them to experience the healing benefits of music. This class will be a quiet meditative setting as Ellenie showers the kids with pure and magical Sound Healing.

About Ellenie... Ellenie is a Certified Kids Yoga/Brain Gym Teacher, certified by Yoga Rocks Kids. She is also certified in Reiki level 1, and is dedicated to complete all Reiki levels, as well as Huna and Native teachings. She is passionate about the wellbeing of the earth and all living beings.

Her journey has lead her to the understanding that children are born with intuitive gifts, being that they are the future she feels it is important our children learn how to keep and use the gifts and medicine we are all born with. By meshing her love for the earth, spiritual growth, music, movement and artistic expression, she is able to provide a foundation for these children that will help them along their spiritual path.