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Rhythmic Moon Divine Sisterhood Circle


Akasha's Den
Unit 1 - 312 Lakeshore Road East L6J 2J3 Oakville Canada
with Ellenie Proud Pony Woman
Sister, Dancer, Sound & Energy Healer, Kids Yoga & Brain Gym Teacher

Monday October 24
Monday November 28
Monday December 12


$44 plus HST

Our Ancestor sisters understood the connection to the rhythm of their bodies, our Earth Mother and Grandmother Moon. In ancient cultures all over the world women gathered together to honour the amazing life force of their bodies awakening the goddess within them. This was a time of connecting to their intuition the gifts that they were born with. During this time the bonds of sisterhood and knowing the role of a woman was vital. The pacing of wisdom, teachings, ritual, dance, music and sharing of experiences/dreams were a part of their gatherings.

When Ellenie came across this knowledge it inspired her to begin such a gathering. She felt the call to bring these ancient practices back to life, to balance our selves as woman and the world around us. Rhythmic Moon Sisterhood Circle is a safe place where all women of all cultural backgrounds are welcome to gather and share wisdom, to teach, to learn. It’s a place where we will honour the rhythms of our female bodies and in doing so we honour our Mother the Earth and our Grandmother the Moon.

Ellenie will share her knowledge of ancient Indigenous, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, etc. feminine practices. She welcomes and encourages everyone to share and pass on your own wisdom and knowledge as well. After the passing of wisdom and the sharing of knowledge every gathering will involve the ancient art of Raqs Sharqi (Belly Dance) and other cultural forms of dance. Music such as native drumming and flutes will also be a part of this gathering. Movement and music is a huge part of what our ancient sisters once did, it’s a powerful way for us all to connect to our divine feminine power and the connection between all of us as sisters, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers.

It is time to Awaken the Goddess within YOU!!!

About Ellenie... Ellenie has been on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, and as she is uncovering her gifts that she expects to ‘relearn’ she happily shares with the world. She is a certified Kids Yoga and Brain Gym teacher. Also Certified in Reiki, Huna and Native Teachings. Most importantly she sees herself as a student and the Universe as her teacher. Always open to learning from the blessings placed along her path.

Ellenie has always felt powerfully connected to First Nation cultures and the Ancient world. Spirituality, music and dancing have always been her way of best expressing herself. Being of Mediterranean descent Ellenie naturally found her way to the art of belly dance, which has always connected her to her divine feminine. It is the passion of connection to all things including self that she wishes for all to re-awaken once again.