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Live Your Potential with the Archangel Series - Archangel Raphael


Akasha's Den
Unit 1 - 312 Lakeshore Road East L6J 2J3 Oakville Canada
with Christine Miokovic
Spiritual Teacher, AGHP Adv, REH Practitioner Level 2

November 10 - Archangel Raphael


$50 plus HST (Includes class materials)

Earth Angels are angels who walk among us here on planet Earth. We use the word “angel” as a term of endearment for someone who is good, kind and loving. Likewise sharing our experiences in life with the Archangels, who are always available, assists us in gaining insight into knowing ourselves better. This “Live Your Potential with the help of the Archangel Series” will give you tips and insights as to which Angel to call upon when you find yourself in need of guidance. You will build your own unique relationship with those Archangels who will provide the support and direction you require in your life at this time. Angels always work in the now…in the present.

Archangels are always around us. They patiently await our acknowledgement of their presence in our life. They want nothing more than to be of service to us and to make our experience on earth as fruitful as possible in terms of achieving our potential – our life purpose. They can intervene and guide us only when we request their services.

Our soul wants to grow and wants to learn the lessons that it has set out to explore. Each one of us with a unique set of lessons and a unique set of experiences in life that offer us opportunities that give us the chances and choices to expand.
Living your potential is a quest to know all there is about who you are. It is learning about all the ways that you are unique and it is about loving all that makes up who you are.

Learning about the Archangels gives us a platform to learn about the various ways that we can interact with them so that we can make more sense out of our lives. Living in harmony with yourself and knowing that you have angelic beings by your side makes for a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Each workshop in this series provides a chance for you to get to know the Archangels and to feel their healing presence. You will gain information on the roles the Archangel plays in your life, the different ways they manifest in your life, the personality of the Archangel, the crystals that best attract the Archangel in your life and you will take part in a guided meditation that will invoke the Archangel.

The intention of putting together this Archangel series is to provide a safe place where you can enhance your relationship with these beings of Light. The Archangels want so much to be called upon to assist you, through any situation you find yourself in. Your acknowledgement of their presence brings them great joy.

As human beings living in a body that houses our soul, striving to be the best we can be, is always made a little bit easier when we lift our vibrations to engage in the love and compassion of our Angels. Come and delight yourself with the discovery of how Angels have always been a part of your life.

Archangel Raphael

Thursday November 10 - Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is the Angel of healing and he brings this wonderful green healing light into all areas of your life. From guiding you to the right type of therapy to helping you choose the right type of food. Raphael teaches us that our bodies are made of light and that our bodies know best how to heal. He also teaches us that it is our aura and our many light bodies that protect us and only when we are worn out that illness actually enters our physical body. Raphael works very closely with Archangel Michael, they make a great team. Michael removes that which no longer serves you and Raphael fills the space with a healing green balm that awaits for you to fill it with energy that supports and fulfills you. A big lesson he teaches us is to understand that healing needs to happen on an emotional and physical level for lasting health. And Raphael also assists Ariel to help heal your pets.

For more information about Christine please visit her website www.christinemiokovic.wordpress.com