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Tea Leaf & Psychic Readings


Akasha's Den
Unit 1 - 312 Lakeshore Road East L6J 2J3 Oakville Canada
with Sarah Adamson
Tasseographer (Tea Leaf Reader), Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master Teacher

Saturday December 10, 2016

Tea Leaf Reading: $45 for 30 minutes
Tea Leaf & Psychic Reading: $85 for 60 minutes

Like psychometry, tea leaf reading is a divination tool that can be used to discover insight and possible future outcomes regarding nearly any particular situation. This is a time-honoured process, with similar methods used in different cultures around the world, such as Greek or Turkish coffee grains.

Tea Leaf & Psychic ReadingsLike oracle cards, tea leaf readings work using the principle of the Law of Attraction – that you always receive what you need, when you need it and in the way you are meant to receive it. Tea leaf reading is a visual representative process that involves “reading” the images formed by tea leaves.

During a tea leaf reading, the reader conducts the appointment by examining the images formed by tea leaves which are left in a cup after the client has finished drinking their tea. The reader carefully drains the cup of excess liquid tea/water, and the remaining tea leaves form images in the cup, which the reader analyzes to determine their (general) meaning. These images carry important information regarding a question the client is asking about, and together comprise a complete answer. The corresponding meaning of each image can be literal, symbolic or both. For example, an image of a broom can indicate cleaning or organizing an actual space (such as a house) or a time of change – in other words, the concept of “a new broom sweeps clean.” Trees indicate good fortune or prosperity due to their constant growth, or symbolize a significant area to you that has many trees on the property. Rabbits can imply new growth – a pregnancy, or birth of a new idea or creative project. Even the placement of the tea leaf images in the cup carries significance, as this offers an approximate timeframe when the implied events are likely to occur.

Sarah firmly believes it is ALWAYS important to trust the Divine guidance received during any psychic reading and relay the information and meaning of all tea leaf images, and their placement in the tea cup.

Tea Leaf & Psychic Reading

During readings, Sarah receives psychic information in many ways. These include images (clairvoyance), thoughts, words and/or phrases (clairaudience), feelings from the client (clairempathy) and/or from Spirit (clairsentience), taste (clairgustance) and smell (clairscent). Each time Sarah receives psychic information it can represent actual or symbolic facts; for instance, an image of a book may indicate your love of books or signify a "new chapter" in your life.

The information Sarah receives psychically is from the Greatest Source, by whatever name you are comfortable with - God, Goddess, Universe, Source, Love or another name. Information received for clients during their readings are wide and varied.

Sometimes the reading can include mediumship, where departed loved ones communicate information through to Sarah, which she relays to the client. Other times, a reading might focus more upon the client, and the issues currently involved in their life, with the intention to help offer understanding, insight, resolution, healing and personal growth. Whatever information is conveyed, you can rest assured it is always the information that needs to relayed at that time, and for your greatest benefit and highest good.

For more information about Sarah please visit her website www.sarah-adamson.com