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Angel Chat


Akasha's Den
Unit 1 - 312 Lakeshore Road East L6J 2J3 Oakville Canada
With Diane Littlejohns
AGHPAdvanced, Certified Medium, Rainbow Energy Healing Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, “In Spirit-ational” Speaker, Meditation Teacher

Readings available with Diane by appointment only – call or email to make your appointment

Friday December 2

30 Minutes: $ 60.00
60 Minutes: $ 120.00

What Your Angels want You to know

Welcome to the year of ‘inspired action’. What am I willing to do differently in order to make today unlike yesterday? How do I make one bold new choice at a time? How do I release that which no longer serves me? What is happening with my career, my relationship(s)? Why are so many events occurring in my life?

You are absolutely right. Shifts are happening. You are leaving many matters of the past and coming full circle as you walk in - to your Power. Time now to make bold incredible choices. Choices toward personal harmony; health; peace and well-being. This is what you have been working for so diligently now for many years, and especially since 2012.

Congratulations! You have begun your Journey to Freedom. Some events and happenings in your life will be easier than others. Some will be anticipated; some will not. Your Freedom is coming on many levels. The Angels are here to assist you through Their Guidance during your sacred private session.

In this sacred session, we will spend time discussing your personal journey, events that you are working with, past events that are resurfacing. We will design together what will be beneficial in your personal tool kit to bring your Journey to Freedom into heart-centered consciousness.

Through visualization, meditation, confidential private dialogue, together, we will channel Divine Guidance from the Angelic Realms and beyond. The Angels will take you step by step to clearer thought; clearer mindset, clearer knowing. You will have the opportunity to create a new canvas of your life through inspired action and insight. Your wonderful Inner Guidance Team will assist with your journey and illuminate your mind and heart as you begin to feel and understand the Divine Truth of all that is brought before you.

A Message from Archangel Metatron:

“We welcome your concerns, your desire for clarification. We are delighted to offer guidance in order that you might create your own choices in the experiential walk of your physical life’s blueprint.

Come. Come and commune with Us. We here in the Angelic Realms and Beyond, welcome You. Come. Come and honour Your Self. Honour Your Inner Light; Your Divineness; Your beauty; Your Gift.”

About Diane

Diane Littlejohns is a Spiritual Intuitive and Angel Guidance Communicator. Her many years of study have included teachers under the directives of well known authors and communicators such as Caroline Myss, Lori Wilson, Doreen Virtue. She spent two years with a teacher from South America, as well as three intensive months with Buddhist monks developing integration of mind and body through discipline of concentration.

Diane has Advanced Reiki from William Rand, U.S.A., Founder and President for International Center for Reiki Training.
Her love of native culture and traditions has gifted her many wonderful ceremonies in sweatlodges; participating in building a sweatlodge; learning to Journey into different worlds. During a week of study and practicum with a Cree Medicine Man, he named her Cree name – Morning Star.

Diane has worked with Hospice and Palliative Care where her specialty lies in assisting patients in their last hours embracing their transition to Soul Life. She was given an award for outstanding care by the Honourable Elizabeth Whitmar.
Her love of writing, poetry, and channeling inspirational messages from the Angelic Realms has empowered many people to finding the path laid out for them, creating a vision of their higher purpose.

Through channeled Angel Guidance Readings, Diane brings to Light, the wonders that lay deep within the very essence of your Sacred Being. It is in that Divine Centeredness the Angels will communicate to you, your true purpose and potential. The Angels will guide you into welcoming all experience with courage as an opportunity for conscious growth recognizing that everyone and everything around you is your teacher.