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Huna Switch Workshop


Akasha's Den
Unit 1 - 312 Lakeshore Road East L6J 2J3 Oakville Canada
With Karen Karrall
Intuitive Healer

Weekend Workshop – Saturday & Sunday
November 19 & 20, 2016

10am – 4pm

$288 (plus HST)
Includes workshop material

Pre-requisite: ‘Huna Power’ Workshop

It’s Time to Put the Energy Back into Medicine!
Learn How to Heal Yourself and Others with Huna

Join Karen for two Huna Healing weekend workshops where you will…
• Learn and explore what the Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas knew and understood to be the nature of disease – expand your mind with the knowledge that we have the power to consciously correct it.
• Track, understand and learn how to release the discomfort held within the body and mind that can mess us up physically – until we know better.
• Practice and apply a system of Energy Medicine you can use to heal yourself and others that works from the inside out – Huna Style!! It is very effective for the treatment of viruses, infections, pain, anxiety as well as restoring harmony to the systems and organs of the body.

Quantum physics is now describing what the Kahunas have long known – we are energy. How we witness and see the world has infinite creative potential. This creative matrix does not exist outside of us – healing of both ourselves and each other is within.

The Kahunas mastered the power and use of Life Force Energy and could use it to heal the sick. They understood the inner landscape of the mind and how it impacted the physical matter of the body – be it health or disease.
Attending the ‘Huna Power’ and ‘Huna Switch’ workshops will empower you with an understanding and awareness of how to manage your own health while you learn a system of Energy Medicine you can use to heal yourself and others.

‘Huna Switch’ builds upon ‘Huna Power’ where we will move more deeply within and apply Life Force Energy to treat specific systems and organs of the body healing physical, mental and emotional realities with Energy Medicine.

This workshop will…
• Teach you how to feel and experience the etheric duplicate of the physical body and scan and track for dense energy (tension) – the issues in our tissues.
• Open your mind to experience telepathic communication, decode the messages of the body, thought forms and the apply Life Force Energy to treat specific areas of dense energy held in the body and mind.
• Give you the experience and practice of applying a system of Energy Medicine to treat the physical matter of the body – you will learn specific ways to treat viruses, infections, physical pain and restore harmony to the main systems organs in the body for yourself and others.

A Huna Initiate Certificate of Completion will be provided upon the completion of both workshops.

For more information about Karen please visit his website www.energymattersandmiracles.com

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